Walking Tour - Go Ahead and Book One.!


It was a perfect day yesterday to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors. Signing up for another Walking Tour was a great idea.! I would encourage you to book a Walking Tour or Riding Tour with Jeff Zimmerman as he really knows the History of this great little city. His company is called, Charleston in a Nutshell and his info can be found on his site here:


Look over these Pictures and ask yourself, How Old are these buildings. One way to find out is to go on a Walking Tour. Think about some of these being older than the Civil Way time. Think of cannonballs being fired at them.


Some homes get prestigious awards as they keep their historic look/feel. Walking into one of these homes will send you back to that time.

Notice the number of panes on some of these homes. That can give away it’s age. The more panes the older the home, as it was suggested they did not know how to make large panes of glass until later.

Enjoy the pics and Get Out There and continue to Learn more about this wonderful town.1

Guard Puppies

Guard Puppies


Whole Foods Finally Open - West Ashley, Charleston SC


It has been a little while since my last Post here.  I have been posting on our AgentOwned Site and it is not good Google-Juice practice to post in 2 places.  You can review some blogs over there using this This Link.
Today, let's bring up the obvious news about the Whole Foods opening this week (August 29, 2018), Finally.  We have talked about this for over a year.!  This is the South, so you figure the project would take longer than other areas of the US (my opinion.....smile).


Here is a sneak peak at the store, as my wife and I went to the pre-opening party.


Home Prices - West Ashley-Charleston, SC - 1st Quarter 2018

We continue to see higher Median Sales Prices in the whole Charleston Tri-County Area (based on our Charleston Trident Association of Realtors -CTMLS Stats). Back in December 2017 there was a spike to 10.1% compared to December of 2016. That is great for the Sellers out there.!


As you can see for Charleston County (below), this trend is continuing where the Median Sales Price is still going up (from previous year, monthly stats). Check out the stats from January 2018 through March 2018:
1. January 2018 – Median Sales Price $379,700 (up 10.4% from January 2017)
2. February 2018 – Median Sales Price $368,688 (up 9.2% from February 2017)
3. March 2018 – Median Sales Price $371,843 (up 6.2% from March 2017)


If you go into more detail of Charleston County stats, you will see a big difference on Median Sales Price Percent Increase. Take these two large areas of Charleston County:
1. West Ashley – There was a Small Increase in Jan-18 up 1.7% but then a Large Increase of 13.1% for March-18.
2. Upper Mt. Pleasant – The opposite pattern occurred for January and March (2018) where January-18 had a Large Increase of 14.8% and March had a Small Increase 2.4%.


Upper Mt. Pleasant Below ***********************************************


So what do you take from these Stats..? Is there a Slow Down in Mt. Pleasant Home Buying..? It looks like West Ashley might be in a Sellers’ Market as the number of homes sold is going up along with the Price.
Are you ready to Buy now..? Do you want to wait another year to Buy…? Or maybe you want to Sell now..? The best time to Buy or Sell is really when You are ready. Basically, you take into account all your savings and your stability with your job. When you are ready to talk about it, just let me know and I will help you filter through all the data, so you make the Right Decision.

Your Perfect Dream Home - 1009 Old Wharf Rd, Seabrook Island

Have you ever had a Custom Home Built.?  It is a lot of Fun and at times can give you a headache.  At the end, you will find it was All Worth It, since you have exactly what you wanted.  Check out this video to visualize where your Custom Home could be Built (Jenkins Point on Seabrook Island). Also, look below for Sample Home Designs with sample features.

Here are some Home Options you can discuss with your Builder (Call me if you want to meet the Builder):

Sample of a Home Design (larger footprint and cost).

Sample of a Home Design (larger footprint and cost).

Sample of another Home Design.

Sample of another Home Design.

Your Custom ordered Kitchen....However you want it.!

Your Custom ordered Kitchen....However you want it.!

Floor Tub for those nice relaxing evenings/mornings.

Floor Tub for those nice relaxing evenings/mornings.

Oversized Rain Shower with jet sprayers.

Oversized Rain Shower with jet sprayers.

Entertain on your back Porch/Veranda with guests, using your outdoor kitchen/cooker.

Entertain on your back Porch/Veranda with guests, using your outdoor kitchen/cooker.

Check out this link that goes to a Custom Site for this actual property on the MLS for Sale:

Open House - January 14, 2018 (Sunday)

Come on and Let's Sell this Beautiful Home.  I am hosting an Open House for a couple colleagues of mine at AgentOwned Realty (Stan Huff and Jill Marcacci).  It is Sunday, January 14, 2018, starting at 12pm and runs until 3pm.  The location is 3361 Toomer Kiln Circle, Mt. Pleasant.


Briefly, it is 2846sqft with MBR downstairs and 3 more bedrooms and 3.5 baths.  There are plenty of amenities (pool, trails, play grounds, etc).  New Roof 2017!!  This home Won't Last Long........so come on out or tell your friends about it.  Check out the actual Listing on the MLS Here:


LR-Kitchen-MLS #17027125.png

Open House - December 9-2017

Front-MLS #17027125.png

Come on out to the Open House I am hosting for a couple colleagues of mine at AgentOwned Realty (Stan Huff and Jill Marcacci).  It is Saturday, December 9, 2017, starting at 11am and runs until 2pm.  The location is 3361 Toomer Kiln Circle, Mt. Pleasant.

LR-Kitchen-MLS #17027125.png

Briefly, it is 2846sqft and has 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths.  There are plenty of amenities (pool, trails, play grounds, etc).  This home Won't Last Long........so come on out or tell your friends about it.  Check out the actual Listing on the MLS Here:


Turtles at the Sea Turtle Care Center

Hello there,  It has been a little while since my last post...wow how time gets away from ya.

I love going to the Aquarium here in Charleston.  It is even more fun After-Hours as you have less crowds and they sell wine/beer and food.  They also have entertainment playing.  The bottom line, it is relaxing and easy to enjoy.

This time I spent a little more time in the Sea Turtle Hospital (Care Center). I want to point out 3 of the Sea Turtles in this blog.  Caretta, Peach and Jerry.

Peach swallowed some fishing line and it was cutting into her stomach and was hung up in her intestine.  The doctors had to do surgery to get it all out.  They were lucky to be able to get an incision right behind her rear flipper and gain access to the intestine.  She is recovering in Tank 1 and it looks like she is swimming around without issues....but who am I....a Turtle Doctor...Not.


Our next patient is Jerry (below).  He was discovered this summer (beginning of May) in the shipping canal having an old boat strike in the middle of his shell. The doctors were worried he might have some paralysis and did all they could to help get Jerry all patched up.  I saw Jerry swimming around the tank and he also looked OK.  I tried to get a Perspective Shot so I could show how large Jerry is....he is a big boy at 125lbs or so.  Note that Peach was all of 55lbs (full grown).


Lastly, is Caretta.  If you are not aware, Caretta was taken from her nest after she hatched and the people thought she would be a good pet to have around.  As you can imagine Caretta grew up and the people could not keep her.  They luckily were able to give her to the Charleston Aquarium where she will live forever.  She will not be able to enjoy open ocean as she has been domesticated and would Not be able to survive on her own.  I want to wish her a Very Very Happy Birthday on August 20th when she will turn 30 Years Old..!!!

Wow they can get huge...! 

Wow they can get huge...! 

Tall Ships® Charleston

As always there is a lot going on in the Little Big Town (Charleston, SC).  This post shows the Tall Ships® Exhibition which took place May 18, 2017 to May 21, 2017 (Thurs-Sunday).  I will keep it short and let the Pictures speak for me. The event was the inaugural showing here in Charleston and it benefits 4 maritime educational charities: Charleston Community Sailing, The Lowcountry Maritime Society, The Spirit of South Carolina and Warrior Sailing.  Feel free to look up any of the charities if you have interest in becoming a member and/or donating.  They travel around the world to show off these beautiful ships while also educating their attendees about what it takes to navigate these ships and keep them maintained.  CLICK IMAGES Below to scroll thru list.

There were 10 ships if my count is correct.  The ships were built as early as 1918 to more recent 2011.  Each has a story to tell which is too long for this little post, so again, feel free to look into joining the newsletters for any of the ships to get more information.  Some of my favorites were:

  1. El Galeon - Pirate looking ship (built 2009, but a replica from the 16th and 17th centuries)
  2. Alexander von Humboldt II - The green one.....very large and beautiful
  3. When An If - Commissioned by General George S. Patton in 1939
  4. Pride of Baltimore II - Reproduction of the 1812-era topsail schooner privateer

As always, I love referrals.  You can check into my Reviews from past clients.  I am happy to assist you or anyone you know that needs to buy or sale a home.