Mount Pleasant Neighborhoods

It is time to move on to another subject area.  The last 5+ months I was telling y’all about how to pick and buy a home that requires some Rehab and I took you step by step.  Now I think I will change gears and write about all of the neighborhoods in this beautiful Charleston Area.  I will start with the most popular area of the Tri-County area, Mount Pleasant.  I figure it will take me a few months to go over all of them.  Some of them I don’t know much about, so it is a great learning experience for me as well.  I will research and make my goal to give you relevant Real Estate info.

My plan is to move in a clockwise direction starting at the base of the Ravenel Bridge, on the west side of Highway 17 (Johnnie Dodds Blvd in this section of 17).   Here are some of the first neighborhoods I will be talking about in the coming 3-5 weeks:

1.       Tides Condominiums – As you are coming down the Ravenel Bridge into Mt. Pleasant, you can look to your Left and see the complex.  At this time, I am seeing 14 Condos for sale and they are not cheap as this is prime Real Estate.

2.       East Bridge Town Lofts – Farther up Wingo Way (on the left, as there are all those hotels on the right and some other businesses) you find these Condos that have been around since the mid-late 80’s. 

3.       The Village at Heron Lake – Just across the street from East Bridge Town Lofts (Alexandra Dr.).  These are single family detached homes.  These homes look to be built in the mid-late 90’s and at this time I am not seeing any homes for sale.  This must be a nice place to live as no one is selling (we shall dig deeper in the coming weeks).

4.       Harbour Watch – This is looks to be a new and older neighborhood.  There are newly built very large homes (5000 sq ft) overlooking the marsh and the Cooper/Wando River (you know these are going to get top dollar).  Then there are homes built in the late 90’s just inland a bit.

That is what the plan is for now, and stay tuned for the next 3-5 months to learn more about the wonderful neighborhoods of Mt. Pleasant, SC.

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