Charleston Sights – WOW what a Huge Ship – COSCO Development

Were you aware of this Huge Container Ship (called Development) coming to town.?  It appears even the Dolphin were waiting to see it go by.  If you didn’t get a chance to see it (Saturday, May 13), check out photos below (Click the Photos to Scroll Through).  This ship is the Largest in the US and the stats are quite amazing.

You can find these stats online almost anywhere.  The Post and Courier has an article on it as well.  They state that this is the New Era for our Port here (Mt. Pleasant, Wando Welch Terminal).  I would guess the Container ships are not going to be getting smaller, so having the harbor to accept these monsters is keeping the Shipping Lanes open for Charleston, SC. 

Here are some basic facts/stats I found online:

1.       It holds 13,000 containers and there are rumors there is another ship out there that can handle 18,000 containers.

2.       The Development is 1300 ft long and 194 ft wide.

a.       Eiffel Tower is 1063 ft tall

b.       Washington Monument is just over 554 Ft tall

3.       When it has the full height of the containers on board, it supposedly has only 25ft of room to the bottom of the Ravenel Bridge.

4.       The Ravenel Bridge is supposed to have (depending on low/high tide) 195ft to 203ft clearance.

5.       Deepening of the Harbor (52 ft) is still going on and should be completed by the end of this decade.  Once that is completed, then look for even bigger ships to come in.

6.       The Development had slightly less than 3000 containers added/removed last weekend and took off Sunday evening.

So be on the lookout in the coming years for more of these huge ships.  Please be careful if you are on the Ravenel Bridge, as I am sure there were a few fender benders as people would glance over to see the Development coming their way.

 Please keep me in mind when/if you know of someone looking to Buy or Sale Real Estate.  Of course, if you are interested, please give me a chance.