Turtles at the Sea Turtle Care Center

Hello there,  It has been a little while since my last post...wow how time gets away from ya.

I love going to the Aquarium here in Charleston.  It is even more fun After-Hours as you have less crowds and they sell wine/beer and food.  They also have entertainment playing.  The bottom line, it is relaxing and easy to enjoy.

This time I spent a little more time in the Sea Turtle Hospital (Care Center). I want to point out 3 of the Sea Turtles in this blog.  Caretta, Peach and Jerry.

Peach swallowed some fishing line and it was cutting into her stomach and was hung up in her intestine.  The doctors had to do surgery to get it all out.  They were lucky to be able to get an incision right behind her rear flipper and gain access to the intestine.  She is recovering in Tank 1 and it looks like she is swimming around without issues....but who am I....a Turtle Doctor...Not.


Our next patient is Jerry (below).  He was discovered this summer (beginning of May) in the shipping canal having an old boat strike in the middle of his shell. The doctors were worried he might have some paralysis and did all they could to help get Jerry all patched up.  I saw Jerry swimming around the tank and he also looked OK.  I tried to get a Perspective Shot so I could show how large Jerry is....he is a big boy at 125lbs or so.  Note that Peach was all of 55lbs (full grown).


Lastly, is Caretta.  If you are not aware, Caretta was taken from her nest after she hatched and the people thought she would be a good pet to have around.  As you can imagine Caretta grew up and the people could not keep her.  They luckily were able to give her to the Charleston Aquarium where she will live forever.  She will not be able to enjoy open ocean as she has been domesticated and would Not be able to survive on her own.  I want to wish her a Very Very Happy Birthday on August 20th when she will turn 30 Years Old..!!!

 Wow they can get huge...! 

Wow they can get huge...!