Walking Tour - Go Ahead and Book One.!


It was a perfect day yesterday to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors. Signing up for another Walking Tour was a great idea.! I would encourage you to book a Walking Tour or Riding Tour with Jeff Zimmerman as he really knows the History of this great little city. His company is called, Charleston in a Nutshell and his info can be found on his site here:


Look over these Pictures and ask yourself, How Old are these buildings. One way to find out is to go on a Walking Tour. Think about some of these being older than the Civil Way time. Think of cannonballs being fired at them.


Some homes get prestigious awards as they keep their historic look/feel. Walking into one of these homes will send you back to that time.

Notice the number of panes on some of these homes. That can give away it’s age. The more panes the older the home, as it was suggested they did not know how to make large panes of glass until later.

Enjoy the pics and Get Out There and continue to Learn more about this wonderful town.1

Guard Puppies

Guard Puppies