Home Prices - West Ashley-Charleston, SC - 1st Quarter 2018

We continue to see higher Median Sales Prices in the whole Charleston Tri-County Area (based on our Charleston Trident Association of Realtors -CTMLS Stats). Back in December 2017 there was a spike to 10.1% compared to December of 2016. That is great for the Sellers out there.!


As you can see for Charleston County (below), this trend is continuing where the Median Sales Price is still going up (from previous year, monthly stats). Check out the stats from January 2018 through March 2018:
1. January 2018 – Median Sales Price $379,700 (up 10.4% from January 2017)
2. February 2018 – Median Sales Price $368,688 (up 9.2% from February 2017)
3. March 2018 – Median Sales Price $371,843 (up 6.2% from March 2017)


If you go into more detail of Charleston County stats, you will see a big difference on Median Sales Price Percent Increase. Take these two large areas of Charleston County:
1. West Ashley – There was a Small Increase in Jan-18 up 1.7% but then a Large Increase of 13.1% for March-18.
2. Upper Mt. Pleasant – The opposite pattern occurred for January and March (2018) where January-18 had a Large Increase of 14.8% and March had a Small Increase 2.4%.


Upper Mt. Pleasant Below ***********************************************


So what do you take from these Stats..? Is there a Slow Down in Mt. Pleasant Home Buying..? It looks like West Ashley might be in a Sellers’ Market as the number of homes sold is going up along with the Price.
Are you ready to Buy now..? Do you want to wait another year to Buy…? Or maybe you want to Sell now..? The best time to Buy or Sell is really when You are ready. Basically, you take into account all your savings and your stability with your job. When you are ready to talk about it, just let me know and I will help you filter through all the data, so you make the Right Decision.